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Monday, 21/03/2005
The Campaign Blog
The campaign has been going slowly. The ride to victory has been a bit rough and bumpy as we have encountered quite bit of turbulence. What in particular? I encounteered a reference librarian in the Alfonse Demato Federal Court Building in Hauppague, NY that told me to leave the law library after I told her I was a candidiate for the Governor's race in New York. Then she called the security department. As I was leaving the law library
I saw that all six of the Federal marshals who normally man the metal detector and guard the front door- left their posts and came up to the law library. They left the building wide open to entry by armed criminals and terrorists!!! If I become Governor of New York, I will start an investigation of that incident. Go to the Department of Justice website. It discusses punishments for Federal offcials who intimidate candidates. A week later, the President of Americans For Legal Reform, Harvey Cash and another leader in the group were arrested outside a Nassau County Courthouse because they refused to stop telling lawyer jokes that one particlar lawyer seemed to take offense at. It is no coincidence that the Americans For Legal Reform meeting where I was invited to tell the group about the opposition to my campaign I encountered at the Federal Court building was cancelled as a result of the arrests of Carl and Harvey. I am certain they were arrested to stop my Governor's campaign. A month later, I was scheduled to speak before the group about the crazy scene at the Federal Court Building in January of 2005 and another incident took place. A man who very recently gave Harvey his correct name for the first time showed up at the meeting even though he was told that he was persona non grata at the meetings since he exposed himself as being a convict who had been coming to meetings under an alias. He smelled of liquor and when told to leave- a minor argument broke out and he appeared to slip and fall. I saw the whole thing and it looked like he sat down hard on purpose- he deliberately took a fall. This month's newsletter from the Americans For Legal Reform says he was discovered to be part of an insurance fraud sceme to bilk the public library that hosts these meetings or to bilk the group itself. I say that was not the entire story. He and his confederates who staged the incident may have been motivated by a desire to prevent me from making my speech about the incident at the Federal Court building. Read my press release on the subject on the link entitiled "Conspiracy Pages" Tell us if you think there is a conspiracy taking place.
--Neil Farbstein

Posted by governorfarbstein at 9:43 PM EST
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