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Neil Farbstein- Candidate For Governor Of New York

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The Issues
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Here we will highlight the key issues of the campaign to make visitors to our site familiar with our position.

People from all walks of life support the Farbstein Campaign. Come help us change History. It's not too late for our country to come out of the Dark Ages.
Neil Farbstein on Social Security..."Social Security is too valuable to risk bankrupting in a vast social experiment. The consequences may be another depression as bad or worse than the Great Depression.Reduce Social Security benefits to the wealthiest people receiving benefits and the system will continue to provide a safety net to all people who have to rely on it."

The Big Conspiracy is a big issue!  Stay tuned for evidence of a conspiracy that cannot be covered up any longer! Contact us and tell us what you have heard or what you have seen. Send your tapes, DVDs etc to or if you cannot upload them, call us at 516-921-5058 or e-mail us and we will put the evidence on the net.

Dont tamper with social security!
Neil Farbstein on Medicare & Medicaid...We can lower the incidence of crippling and degenerative diseases that sap money from Medicare and Medicaid and welfare programs if we promote public health by allowing food stamp recipients to buy vitamins with their monthly allotments. Folic acid has been shown to prevent spina bifida in children of pregnant mothers that took that supplement. Herbs and supplelments that prevent heart attaccks, strokes, cancer, Parkinsons' disease, and other degenerative diseases should be obtainable by every citizen of this country. Everybody will benenfit. Jody Moore a candidate for the Senate in Australia has advocated educating children to grow plants with vitamins in them. Not  a bad idea Jody!
The state should budget money to study the impact of genomics on health insurance rates and to determine what the economic and social effects of particular gene therapies will be. If genetic diseases such as duchenne muscular dystrophy and
diabetes are cured by genetic therapy, health care costs will be reduced . The amount of money laid out by private insurance plans and by Medicare and Medicaid will be reduced by a large amount. The state should fund research on methods of delivering gene therapy as inexpensively as possible. Companies manufacturng gene therapy should be given incentives to relocate to New York and to fund research benefiting members of groups living in New York.