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Neil Farbstein- Candidate For Governor Of New York

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Help Neil Farbstein get into the Governor's Mansion. People wishing to help the campaign should contact us at
We want volunteers to carry petitions and urge people to vote for Neil Farbstein
the future Governor of New York State!

Democracy Operation Iraqi Freedom is being touted as an attempt to bring to the Middle East, a region where it is unknown.
Operation American Freedom
boldly takes the Bush agenda a step further. Lets promote Democracy in America! Dont curtail our rightsto sue doctors, lawyers and other professionals whose malpractice has ruined their lives. The answer to fraudulent class action lawsuits and malpractice suits is not legislation to eliminate our rights to action in the courts. Appoint judges who are competent who can discriminate between frivolous lawsuits and those deserving to be tried in the courts. The Constitution guarantees your rights to due process.                                                          Support Operation American Freedom!!!
American soldiers are defending the freedom of the Iraqi people to choose their rulers and to live under an elected government.
Operation American Freedom supports everyone's rights to use the legal system to settle differences and to obtain justice.
Dont let greedy corporate lawyers take away our rights to due process!!!!! The war in Iraq cost $80 billion  last year and the war budget this year is projected at $120 billion. If $10-$15 billion were
alloted to improve the juidicial system by hiring competent judges and
legal personnel to speed up the judicial process, Democracy will be advanced in America as well as overseas.
George Bush recently spoke of a "committment to Democracy" but despite the massive amounts of money spent to democratize the governement of Iraq, there seems to be less commitment in the minds of the American People to the Democratic values of the past than ever. Despite the website promulgated by the US Justice Department that claims the Justice Department is promoting the rights of citizens to equal justice under the law, the horror stories told by members of Americans For Legal Reform and those told in the newspapers and on televison every day show those words to be empty phrases that nobody in Justice Department wants to make good on.
What is Bush talking about when he says he wants a committment to Democracy?
Why is he so weak in his support of Freedom in America???  Why has the Human Rights Division of the Justice Department refused to prosecute violators of the civil rights laws in case after case???
Neil Farbstein says a special prosecutor should be hired to pSrosecute those that have threatened the Civil Rights of Americans in the very government agencies
charged with enforcing them!!! Stop color of law discrimination by the very  local and state level agencies charged with protecting our civil  liberties!!!!
INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS who have betrayed the public's trust!

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