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Neil Farbstein- Candidate For Governor Of New York

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Neil Farbstein For Governor Of New York


Press Release


Neil Farbstein is a candidate in the New York State Governor's race. He is a lifelong member of the Democratic Party and he is a member of Americans For Legal Reform, a group dedicated to removing corrupt judges and punishing corrupt lawyers. He has plans to run for President of the United States after winning the Governor’s office. Americans For Legal Reform is the biggest legal reform group in the United States with 350,000 members.

Mr. Farbstein is the President of a start up nanotechnology company called Vulvox Nano/Biotechnology Corporation. Vulvox has several breakthrough inventions in nanoelectronics and gene therapy under development. Vulvox's webpage can be viewed at "" . He is also a member of the New York Society Of Professional Inventors.

He has been interviewed by Aryavarta Kumar an editor at NanoApex. That interview was published by Nano Investors News. His views on the role of nanotechnology in preventing environmental damage from the Greenhouse effect were published in that interview as were his opinions on the Strategic Defense Initiative and the uses of nanotechnology to counter the spread of biowarfare agents and to prevent terrorism.. You can view that interview by following the link on the homepage of the Vulvox website. Mr. Farbstein also spoke about promoting gene therapy as a means of increasing the health of the elderly population and reducing public health care costs.

Mr. Farbstein’s Campaign has a website at where his views on funding the Social Security system and preventing future terrorist attacks on targets like the World Trade Center are given. Mr. Farbstein believes that schools should educate children to identify possible terrorists and to report them to the Homeland Security Agency and other authorities. They, and adult members of the public should be educated about causes of terrorism which Mr. Farbstein says are related to ethnic prejudice and misconceptions that prejudice cause disregard for human life.

In 2003, Mr. Farbstein ran as a candidate in the Oyster Bay Town Council race. The day he came into the Nassau County Board of Elections to register as a candidate and to pick up petitions, he was intimidated by a woman working in the Board of Elections Office. He recorded her attempt to stop him from running. She accused him of taking an unnamed document from that office in a phone call an hour after he left that office. Mr. Farbstein maintains that he was given that document as part of the procedures prescribed by the laws governing the Board of Elections and that it was illegal to allege he had obtained his petition illegally. There have been similar incidents in his gubernatorial campaign.

On January 4, 2005 Neil Farbstein was trying to find material on the Federal Tort Reform Act in the law library in the Alphonse Demato Federal District Court building in Hauppague, NY. After he told reference librarian he is a candidate in the Governor's race, she told him to leave and called the security department in the Federal Court Building. Mr. Farbstein is familiar with the Federal marshals that man the metal detector and that guard the front door of the Federal building. All six of them responded to the librarian's call and they all left their posts and came up to the floor the library is located on. He saw them enter the library as he was going downstairs to talk with a law clerk about beginning a court case against NASA and officials at NASA. “The Federal marshals followed me to the court clerk's office and watched me as I began my case against NASA. I was given two contradictory explanations of why they were watching us as I filed the papers.” Mr. Farbstein will be giving interviews discussing that incident in detail. ”It is obvious they were attempting to intimidate me to end my gubernatorial campaign.” Mr. Farbstein says “There is no excuse for all six of the marshals leaving their posts at the front door. They left the building open to armed criminals and terrorists by that act.”

A week later, two associates of Mr. Farbstein’s at Americans For Legal Reform were arrested outside of a court in Nassau County. Harvey Cash, the President of Americans For Legal Reform and another leader of that group were arrested and given a summons after they refused to stop telling lawyer jokes outside the courthouse. For the first time in Nassau County history, a grand jury has been convened to try a scofflaw case of that sort. That story was covered by all of the major media and it was published on the front page of Newsday. Cash and other members of the group were interviewed by Ron Kuby on WABC radio in New York and the story was given national attention. Mr. Farbstein is alleging that the two court incidents were related to each other and that there is a conspiracy to stop him from entering the Governor's race. In the past two years, many other incidents have taken place, many of which were recorded. Transcripts of some tapes will be provided to the press.

In the summer of 2003, Mr. Farbstein was discussing his political aspirations with his friend Carl in a local bookshop on Long Island and the staff called the police on him and gave them false information to cause his arrest. He was let go without being charged or arrested that night. Mr. Farbstein has over 50 tape recordings proving that a major civil rights conspiracy has been taking place. Recently, after an aide in Congressman Steve Israel's office was told that he was running in the Governor's race in New York, about two weeks ago, that aide said he was discontinuing Mr. Farbstein’s services at that office and he threatened to call the Capitol Police on him if Mr. Farbstein called that office to speak with Congressman Israel as he had done in the past. Those calls were recorded on tape and copies of those recordings and transcripts will be distributed to the press.

Please call 516-921-5058 to schedule an interview.


Neil Farbstein

Candidate For Governor